A.D.R.O.P. Photo Shoot!

John & Sue!

Yesterday A.D.R.O.P. hosted the St. Thomas of Villanova Province Communications team for a photo shoot of most of our ministries. Volunteers Sue and John Killeen posed for some sweet photos; the married couple works together in their ministry at Mary Mother of Captives. A.D.R.O.P. does so many different ministries, it was a joy to see them all come together! More photos to come from many of our ministries!

Interning at A.D.R.O.P.

This summer A.D.R.O.P. had the pleasure of hosting two interns from the VietLead RICE (Real Internship for Community Engagement) Program. Mishelley Low and Angel Mawardy spent a significant part of their summer working primarily for the Unity Clinic but also for A.D.R.O.P.’s other ministries. We’re so grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Here’s a reflection from their experience:

Through the program VietLead RICE, we were given an opportunity to work at A.D.R.O.P. As a part of the internship, we were assigned prompts to write in our weekly blog and present our experience as well as how it ties with the issues that are occurring within our community. One of the issues that were mentioned was the lack of access to services, meaning that people, often within the Indonesian community, with low income or an unclear status of immigration do not have access to health services, education, and many more. That’s where A.D.R.O.P.’s role comes in.

 Part of the work that we’ve done is preparing the “behind the scenes” of the Unity Clinic. This includes creating a more convenient work space for the doctors and nurses to do their jobs, making sure that patients’ information are updated in the data, and recording temperatures of the immunization refrigerator. We also ensure that the community is aware of the clinic and other services by creating and translating nutritional flyers for the patients in the Unity Clinic, as well as a beginner computer class for Indonesian and English speakers that we recently started. As a result, part of the Indonesian community in Philadelphia are getting the access to healthcare and resources that they need.

A.D.R.O.P. Summer Inters: Lailany, Mishelley and Angel

A.D.R.O.P. Summer Inters: Lailany, Mishelley and Angel

We’re so thankful to be able to have this opportunity and to be involved in part of a change in the community especially as Indo-Americans ourselves.

Reflection from Villanova Summer Intern, Lailany Viera


We are grateful to have Lailany Viera, a rising senior at Villanova University, working at A.D.R.O.P. this summer. Interested in the criminal justice system, Lailany is focusing a significant amount of her time working for our restorative justice ministries. Here is a reflection from her recent visit to a Mary Mother of Captives Family Support meeting.

I do not currently have a loved one who is incarcerated. Although I have had some experiences with loved ones getting in trouble with the law or involved with illicit substances my passion for criminal justice reform is based more in my beliefs of the worth and dignity of all human life and in the teachings of mercy, forgiveness, and justice than on personal grievances with the system.

Learning about the injustices of the criminal justice system fired me up enough to feel a calling to study it and volunteer with the Prison Literacy Program and to now work with A.D.R.O.P.’s restorative justice ministry.

At the Mary Mother of Captives Meeting, for the loved ones of those who are incarcerated or struggling with addiction, I at first felt like an intruder into their safe space. This space was constructed on a mutual support system of those who have similar life experiences. There is no way I can begin to imagine or fully understand the pain in their hearts, but, nonetheless, they welcomed me and I learned so much from them. I was in awe of the strong men and women I encountered who had so much love to give and the strength to laugh despite the depths of pain, sorrow, and anger they must all be feeling. The issues they discussed were problems that had never really occurred to me before, things as simple as, “Will the prison let me send a birthday card to my son?” and as profound and complex as, “What do I do about extended family members rejecting and ignoring my son because he is locked up?”

Their perspective is one that is rarely talked about and certainly one that I had never thought deeply about.

My time spent with them hearing their stories opened my eyes to a whole new set of struggles. I realized that these loved ones of the incarcerated were some of the most forgotten casualties of the criminal justice system because their concerns and needs are hardly ever addressed - why the Mary Mother of Captives group was established back in 1996 in the first place. I will forever be grateful to them for sharing their experiences with me and I will not soon forget the impact of their love, kindness, and support of one another when the world is not exactly the most kind, loving, and supportive of them and their loved ones.

South Philly Family Health Walk + Expo!

Thank you to all of the supporters who came out for the walk! We had a great time, great weather, and really enjoyed spending time together! Many thanks to all those who financially supported the walk, your funds will go directly into supporting and running the Unity Clinic and all the good work done by the Methodist Hospital Foundation.

ADROP Health Walk 2019 7.jpg

Special thanks to Fr. Dan McLaughlin, O.S.A. for the photos.

Easter Cheer

AV René recently organized the students at St. Anthony of Padua Regional Catholic school to make Easter cards for the Friars at the Villanova Monastery. She is pictured here at the Monastery delivering the cards. The Friars were delighted at the visit and to receive the thoughtful and sweet well wishes.


Thank you for a Successful Mass & Brunch!

March 3rd, 2019 A.D.R.O.P. gathered for the annual Mass & Brunch fundraiser. An opportunity to give thanks, unite with friends, and break bread together the event was full of smiles and laughter. Ellen and Anthony DeCarlo were honored for their many years of service to A.D.R.O.P.


Many thanks to all who supported this event, especially to the Gallagher Family for once again sponsoring the event.; to the Faustman, Purcaro, and Bushar families for sponsoring tables.; to Sanctuary for the music; to the Augustinian Province of St. Thomas of VIllanova for allowing us to use the space; to the Augustinians for celebrating mass, and to Jessica Eischen and the Augustinian Volunteers (former and present) who helped with set up and preparation.

We’ll see you at the Walk in June!

New Services Starting Soon!

Do you wish that you could interact better with your neighbors who speak other languages? Would you like to learn more about their cultures and lives while also sharing your own? The A.D.R.O.P. Language Exchange would be perfect for you! Once a week, each person will be paired up with another individual who speaks a language different from them and the two will practice based on a different theme of the night. Come build true community with your neighbors! Free, Every Wednesday from 7-8pm at St. Anthony of Padua School Auditorium, 913 Pierce Street (9th & Pierce) starting 2/6/2019. Email adropinfo@augustinian.org or call (215) 925-3566 for more information.

Also starting soon: Computer Classes in Spanish